We are extremely proud to be showcasing the work of talented British based makers and artists.  Below you will find a list of the works in the Cottage.  The house iPad includes further details of all these pieces together with prices for those pieces that are available to purchase.


Danny Rolph

“Somerset”(2016) is a recent painting on canvas from his “Dukedom” series that we are proud to exhibit for the first time. Entrance Hall.

“Sunshine” (2016) is a recent etching with giclee (edition of 40). Fireside – Family room.


Fiona Winning

“Tide Turns” – Acrylic on muslin on board. Above fire place in living room.

“Orange Spread” – Acrylic on muslin on board. Top landing outside double bedroom.

“5 or 6 Trees” – Acrylic on linen on muslin on board.  On wall in the stairwell.

“Puddle on the beach” – Acrylic on muslin on board. Above kitchen worktop.


Gwenyth Fugard

‘Into the Blue’
oil and wax on linen
65 x 65 cm

Gwenyth’s practice investigates the notion of paintings operating as self-contained worlds, and existing as no more than an exposure of the process of their making. Emphasis is placed on construction, not merely the painting of a painting. Through a process of folding, stitching, tearing, collage, assemblage and paint, the works evidence all decision making during their construction, deconstruction and reconstruction, exposing the mechanics of painting. The paintings evidence a dependency on the five planes of their structure, which defines their status of painting-as-object. With an emphasis on the periphery and supporting sides of the painting, the structure exposes weaknesses, support, salvage and repair as they are wrapped and bandaged and may appear to be falling apart at the seams. Concealment has been discarded and all activities are revealed. Gwenyth initiates the work within a system of constraints and proceeds from the determined to improvisation, as the constraints are broken. She cultivates interruptions to occur during this process and these obstructions and interventions become integral to the shaping of the composition. Surprise may provide clarity and the surface will be restored at the centre as if an aperture was adjusted. Part air, partly grounded and part surprise, the work hangs as a suggestion of a painting. These works present an altered state and order whilst honouring the formal traditions of their inheritance.


Instagram @gwenythfugard

Joanna Sims

Joanna Sims is a Wiltshire based artist.  STOKE HILL/SPRING  hangs above the oak bench in the kitchen. It’s dimensions are 60 x 70 cms. and it is oil on linen canvas.

The artist says of this piece: “In initial drawing processes on Salisbury Plain, I emphasise shapes which best explain to me the lie of the land, later making further reductions to these elements when working on oil paintings in the studio.  I like to embody the ever changing light to translate into volume  in its own right, as solid as the tree clumps and hill contours.”


Wardour Workshops

Television cabinet in the sitting room and corner seating unit with table in the Kitchen.

Workshop visits in Semley are available by prior appointment.


Philip Hawkins

Semley Oak tree shelves in alcoves either side of hearth in the main living area.


Malene Hartmann Rasmussen

Stocky Rabbit on the alcove shelf in the main living area and spider on the wall in the Hallway.


Photographs © Sylvain Deleu


Nicola Tassie

A small ‘twisted’ lamp on Ercol side board in main living area.

“The Yellow Bottle” (on alcove shelf in main living area) is a set of four separate contemporary domestic jars and bottles, precisely arranged into a still life composition.  The work takes inspiration from the work of Georgio Morandi. 

John Julian Ceramics

Fruit stand, jug and black granite Zahtar pestle & mortar on the kitchen worktop.

Studio visits in Salisbury are available by prior appointment.


Bonfield Block Printers

Treasure tree lamp shade and scatter cushions, nightjar scatter cushion and tea cosy.  

Limited edition print of laid hedge in the sitting room. Available to purchase, price on application.


Amanda Bannister

Ceramics – plates, lamp bases and jugs.

Pinch Design

Goddard sofa in the sitting room, Boyd sofa and Brody high back armchair in the living room, Clyde side tables in the seaweed bedroom.


Another Country

Bar stools, coffee table and “Hardy” chair in living room, bench and peg rail in hallway, peg rail, shelving and bedside tables in the twin room and bedside tables in the master bedroom.  The crockery in the kitchen is also by Ian McIntyre for Another Country.


31 Chapel Lane

Linen tableware.  


Rush Matters – Felicity Irons

Table mats, runner and baskets.  


Ptolemy Mann

Green “colourfield” rug in the main living area.


Susan Deliss

Ottoman and bespoke fabric on two armchairs in the sitting room


Cocoon Home

Lampshades with Amanda Bannister’s ceramic lamp bases in the second double bedroom and tall lampshade with floor lamp on the upstairs landing



Gilets hanging in the entrance hallway.  


Bramley Products

Bath and body products inspired by the beauty and therapeutic properties of plants and made in the British countryside.


Barry Stedman

Pot on the window sill in the main living area.  


Nel Faulkner

Large pot on the lower oak shelf to the left of fire place in the main living area.

Joanna Still

Smoke Fired low temperature Ceramic by window on top landing

38cm W x 11 cm H

Knighton Mill Pottery

Salt glazed stoneware.  Flat dish on oak table in corner seating area, bowl on dining table, jug behind sink and two oven dishes in kitchen cupboard



Knighton Mill Pottery

Matthew Burt

Matthew Burt is a furniture maker based in nearby Hindon.  In the kitchen you will find his tray and pegs.

Sands & Hall

Harris Tweed Throw Capes hanging in the entrance hallway.

One regular size ladies’ Original Cape in Hepburn Earth Harris Tweed.

One large blanket throw or men’s cape in Hepburn Earth Harris Tweed.

One standard size throw cape in Grey Harper Harris Tweed.